Why you should build with us...

Why Build with us?

We understand how hard it is to decide which company you should choose to build your new home, renovation or project so we have listed what sets our company above the rest.


Because we are a small company we only take on a couple of projects at a time so you can guarantee that we will give your project our full attention. We are onsite all the time and are a part of every aspect so we know that everything is of the highest standard. We seek quality and take pride in every job we do and we also seek that in our subcontractors. We have a network of sub contractors that we have handpicked for reliability, workmanship and show the pride in their work as we have in ours. All of this allowing us to build you a home of the highest possible quality.


We strive to bring you the best prices we can as we work personally on every aspect of your home, bringing costs down but keeping quality high, right from foundation to finish. We strive to get you the best home at the best price, end of story.


We know how both stressful and exciting building a new home can be so we want to give you the best possible service and strive to make the process as easy and stress free as possible.

We work closely with our clients throughout the whole process and encourage our clients to visit the site as often as they like, making sure they are happy with the process at all times. We also encourage them to speak up if they discover there are changes they wish to make as we want them to be 100% satisfied once the job is complete. At the end of the day it is your home we are building and we feel it should be your home in every way.

We also offer our clients the 10 Year Master Build Guarantee as well as ongoing support after your home is complete, giving you piece of mind for many years to come.

Award Wining

We are proud to be Silver Award Winners in the 2017 Master Builders House of the Year competition as well as both Gold Award winners in the Master Builders House of the Year competition 2015 as well as Gold Reserve Finalists.

Registered Master Builders

We are proud to be members of the Registered Master Builders Association.

This allows us to offer you their comprehensive 10 Year Master Build Guarantee, giving you peace of mind and the knowledge that you will be receiving top workmanship and high quality products.

Building with a Registered Master Builder means bringing high quality skills, qualifications and experience to create the homes you share with loved ones and the workplaces you go to daily.

Why wouldn't you choose a Registered Master Builder?

To find out more about the Registered Masterbuilders Association visit www.masterbuilder.org.nz

Licensed Building Practitioners

Director; Andrew Butts is also a Licensed building practitioner, so you know you have a highly skilled, qualified and knowledgeable tradesman in charge of building your dream home.

Master Builder House of Year Gold AwardsMaster Builder House of Year Silver AwardMaster Builder Logo and Licensed Building Practitioner LogoAndrew and Zac on Building Site
Concrete Pump and Concrete Layers pouring a floor for one of our homes

Hints and tips on building your dream home

We know building a home can be stressful and hard work but we want to make building your new dream home as easy as possible so we have put together a few handy hints and tips that may be of help.

* Visit the site as often as you can.

During the build process you should always try and visit the site as often as possible, not just to check that everything is going to schedule but also to check that everything is how and where it should be and you are happy with everything. Try and do a thorough walk through at all stages to get a feel for the space and how it will work to ensure you are going to be happy with the end result.

* Always speak up if somethings not right or you want to make changes.

At any stage during the build if there is something not right or there are changes you wish to make, don't be afraid to speak up then and there. It is much easier and often cheaper to alter anything as soon as possible before too much more of the build carries on. As you can expect there may be extra costs involved with some changes so the sooner you voice your thoughts the better and cheaper it will likely be.

Its your home at the end of the day and you have to live there, so you need to be happy with the final result.

* When comparing quotes, make sure you are comparing apples with apples.

Its hard to make sure you are comparing equal products or services between quotes but some things to bear in mind are: Ensure the quality and specs of the product are the same. If the products are different makes and models look at the specs to see how comparative they are - size, power, weight etc. And if possible check and compare the quality of both.

Ensure all quotes have the same inclusions and exclusions. Some of the finer details may be left out of one quote which may actually make it dearer than the others once added.

Registered Master Builders Logo
10 Reasons

To use a Registered MasterBuilder

1. We are qualified and experienced builders who take pride in our work.

2. We have a reputation for building excellence.

3. We're backed by the Master Build Guarantee.

4. We have access to industry standard contracts and other documentation, so you know all the paperwork is in order.

5. To become a member, we've demonstrated we are financially responsible.

6. We are supported nationally and locally by New Zealands pre-eminent building industry organization.

7. Networking opportunities allow us to share best practice with our peers.

8. Training opportunities and mentoring, support us to be good businessmen as well as good builders.

9. We create award-winning properties for our clients.

10. We're really great folk!