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Want to find out how our process works?
Or how to start building your new home with us?

Check out the info below about how our building process works, what your options are when building with us and what our different steps are.
There are various ways that we can work with you to build your dream home. Whether you have no idea what you want, a base idea of what you are after or even to the extent you have a full set of plans drawn up ready to go, we can work with you to complete the home of your dreams.
Have a look below and see what option is best suited to you, your family and your future home.

Our Process...

We want to ensure you get the home you want, built the way you want, in the easiest possible way to suit you.

With that in mind there are several different ways that you can approach building a home with us.

We can work with you right from the get go to help you find a section and custom design your dream home. Either looking to some base plans for a starting point or completely custom designed from start to finish.

Already have a section? We can work with you to design a home to suit your needs and that of the section.

Already have plans? No worries we can work with you to begin the building process based on the plans you have, or help with finalizing them ready to start building.

Already have base plans or an idea of the home you want but no section?
We can work with you to find a section that would suit your requirements or help you adjust your plans to suit the section you choose.

No matter what way you wish to proceed then we will try and accommodate that, give us a call today or pop into our showroom and discuss your needs and we will do what we can to help.

We always like to begin with a friendly chat about what you need, want and are after, taking down any notes on individual requirements, design ideas, styles, looks, must haves, don't wants etc etc. Then depending on how you would like to and need to progress we can work forward from there.

We like to include you as much as possible along the way so you can see exactly what is happening and how things are looking.

We encourage you to visit site as often as possible to see how things are looking once construction starts. Sometimes you may think of things you want after we start building or decide you want to change something. We welcome those changes and encourage you to let us know as soon as possible as at the end of the day this is your home and we want you to be happy with the end result.

We also offer an amazing online portal for our clients to use to keep up to date with the build progress, check out whats coming up and see when payments need to be made. Helping to keep you in the loop the whole way through.

We will work as efficiently and economically as possible to then complete your build for you but ensuring quality workmanship is our number one priority.

Custom Design...

Want your own custom designed home, designed to fit your needs and wants and to fit perfectly on your section?

No worries at all, we can make that happen for you.
We truly believe it is important to design each home to fit with the wants and needs of the client as well as the parameters of their chosen section.

We will work alongside you and our draftsperson to discuss exactly what you would like, what you need and how you would like to live in your home, taking note of any individual requirements, design and style ideas, must haves and don't wants.

We will then take all dimensions and details or your chosen section and our draftsman will draw up a base concept for you.
This can then be altered as you need until you reach the perfect design.

Don't have a section though or need help finding one?

We can also help you to hand pick a section to suit your needs if you haven't yet found the right one.

We have several to choose from in Paerata Rise or we can look further afield to where you would like to call home.

Give us a call today and we can start the ball rolling.

Already Have Plans?

Do you already have a set of plans drawn up but need a builder to see them through?

We have worked with many clients and architects over the years who already have a section and already have plans drawn up, from just base plans that need finalizing to the extent of them being full drawn up plans ready to start building.

We are more than happy to work with you this way and are keen to have a look at your plans and work out some costings to complete your job.

Give us a call today and start the ball rolling on making your plans come to life.

House & Land Packages...

Don't have a section yet? We can help with getting you a section in either the exclusive Paerata Rise Subdivision or somewhere else you may be thinking.

We have had plenty of experience in purchasing sections and working with developers so if it's all a bit daunting for you this is the best option.

We can then work with you to look at design options for these sections and what would best suit the site and your needs.

Contact us today to find out what availbale sections and packages we have at Paerata Rise at present.


Struggling to work out how to pay for your new home? Unsure how to make it all work?
We want to make the process as easy and comfortable as we can for you.
Check out what we can offer you to help make it all come together.