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Why us?

We understand how hard it is to decide which company you should choose to build your new home, renovation or project
So Heres what sets us apart...


No two people are the same so why should your home be any different. We create individual bespoke builds giving you a truly unique build, designed just for you.


At Precision Homes we pride ourselves on our high quality workmanship and attention to detail in everything we do. Backed up by our ever-growing string of awards.

Award Winning

A multi award winning company, we have won many awards for our homes over the years, showing the high calibre of our homes and workmanship.


We strive to make your build as easy and stress free as possible, working closely with you all the way to ensure your wants and needs are met.


We strive to bring you the best prices we can as we work personally on every aspect of your home, bringing costs down but keeping quality high.


Being Registered Master Builders we offer a 10 Year Master Build Guarantee. Giving you peace of mind to relax and enjoy your new home for years to come.


No two people are the same, no two pieces of land are the same and no two homes should be the same either.

Here at Precision Homes we believe that each home should be custom designed and built to suit both the needs of the homeowner/s as well as the piece of land they have chosen to build on.

Each individual and each family will have many different ways in which they live; we choose to work with you right from the start to establish your wants and needs and then design a home to suit you and your land personally. A home designed and built just for you.


Quality is our main driver here. In everything we do we strive for the best quality and workmanship we can get.

We know how important and also stressful building a new home is for people so we want to ensure they get the best possible home they can.

We seek quality and take pride in every job we do, and we also seek that in our subcontractors.

We have a network of sub-contractors that we have handpicked for reliability, workmanship and show the pride in their work as we have in ours to ensure that every person who works on your home has the same drive for quality as we do.

All of this allowing us to build you a home of the highest quality we can.

And our string of awards helps to showcase just how high the quality of our homes really are.

Award Winning...

All awards wone by Precision Homes NZ in Master Builders House of the Year

A multi award winning company. Our high quality is proven by the medals on our wall, helping to showcase the high standard of workmanship that goes into each home.

Taking out Golds, Silvers, Gold Reserves and the highly sort after Category Wins in the Annual Master Builders House of the year competition.

Each home we have entered over the years has won an award and we are proud to say that the 2018 Competition saw us take out not only a Regional Category win but also a National Category win. Something we are extremely proud of and helps showcase the high standards we seek.

Master Builders...

We are proud to be members of the Registered Master Builders Association.

If you're building or renovating with a Registered Master Builder, you can be sure that you're dealing with qualified and experienced builders who take pride in the quality of their workmanship.

Not only will you receive high quality workmanship and great service, only a Registered Master Builder can offer you the peace of mind of a 10-year Master Build Guarantee. These are some of the best products available on the market at a very competitive price. Giving you peace of mind in your new home for many years to come.

Why wouldn't you choose a Registered Master Builder?

To find out more about the Registered Masterbuilders Association and their 10 year Master Builders Guarantee click the button below


Don't just take our word for it, see what our past clients have had to say about us.

The true test is what the clients think and feel after the job is complete, we aim to have them leave as friends and be completely happy with their new homes.

This goal has obviously worked as we have lasting relationships with many clients and have been lucky enough to receive some glowing testimonials.

Click the link below to have a read of what they had to say.


Struggling to work out how to pay for your new home? Unsure how to make it all work?
We want to make the process as easy and comfortable as we can for you.
Check out what we can offer you to help make it all come together.


We know how stressful it can be when building a new home. There is so much to think about and so much to do and you worry if you're doing the right thing.
We understand all of this and so we strive to be there with you the whole way through.

We can assist in all elements of your new home and also welcome you to be a part of every step. We welcome you on-site whenever possible and encourage you to visit as often as you can to ensure you are happy with how the build is progressing.

We also have a great online portal available for each client to use. Personalized to your build, you can see how the build is progressing and whats happening, right from the comfort of your couch. Great if you are traveling or you cant get to site as often as you would like, but still want to keep an eye on whats going on.

We want you to be 100% happy with your new home come move in day, and into the future as well.

Supply Partners...

We wouldn't be the company we are without our amazing team of Sub Contractors and Suppliers.

They help keep the ship running smoothly and strive for the high quality workmanship that we do. Helping us to build beautiful homes.

Check out the Precision Homes extended family by clicking the link below